At COG, we're committed to making disciples.

We want people to grow in their faith, character, and knowledge of God and His Word.
We believe that deeper biblical instruction should be accessible to everyone, and not reserved for a select few with the means to attend Bible College.
We believe in the power of gathering together in groups for discussion and fellowship as an aid to learning.

In September 2021, we launched the COG School of Spiritual Formation geared to furthering this vision, and the response has been overwhelming!

Each class runs for four Tuesday evenings (one month) and costs only $20 per person!

See below for our current and past course titles!

Current Semester: Winter 2022
APRIL 2022
'Grief: Moving Forward with Hope'  was presented by Brian Heaney, BA, MA, Executive Director of the MJ Christian Counselling Centre.

Finance 101: Wrestling with Money
Presented by Aaron Ruston, Dara Zumstein, Dwight Cameron and Chad Braun.
MAY 2022
'Merely Gospel' presented by Rom Jukes studies the timeless themes of meaning and relationship found in the simple gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our fifth course, 'The God-Man Jesus Christ' Presented by Prof. Merrill Dyck.
FALL 2022: TBA

MARCH 2022
Our sixth course, 'The Cloud of Witnesses' Presented by Pastor Jeremy MacDonald.
Past Semester: Fall 2021
Dr. Wale Afolabi
Prof. Merrill Dyck
Adam Driscoll