At COG, we're committed to making disciples.

We want people to grow in their faith, character, and knowledge of God and His Word.
We believe that deeper biblical instruction should be accessible to everyone, and not reserved for a select few with the means to attend Bible College.
We believe in the power of gathering together in groups for discussion and fellowship as an aid to learning.

In September 2021, we launched the COG School of Spiritual Formation geared to furthering this vision, and the response has been overwhelming!

Each class runs for four Tuesday evenings (one month) and costs only $20 per person!

See below for our past, current and upcoming class offerings!

Our first course, 'Theology of Mental Illness' was taught by psychiatrist Dr. Wale Afolabi and we had 40+ students in attendance!  Check back often to see what's being offered next!
Our second course, 'The God Above it All' is now being taught by Prof. Merrill Dyck.  Check back often to see what's being offered next!
Our third course, 'The Gospels: God in Our Midst' will be taught by Prof. Adam Driscoll during the month of November!  Registration is now open!